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Days like the sun.

Yeah. I mean. I know it gets hotter other places. But, 95 degrees? FUCK 'AT!!! At least the humidity wasn't such that it made me swim and grow gills.

Tonight is my Friday. I don't work Wednesday and Thursday. Sooo, peeps give me a holla!!! Haha, oh, wait, sorry. I forgot I don't have any so called "peeps".

When I buy my monthly pack of cigarettes, I usually buy Djarum Blacks. I tried Cherry once. Today, I bought Bali Hai. We'll see how these compare. I love the box. It's so aquatic.

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42 days until I go to Texas again. <3 sigh <3 I can't wait.
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Up to once a month already huh? Next thing you know you'll be smoking 10 packs per hour.
Haha, ummm, no.
Yes, definitely. I've seen it happen too many times. Stop before it's too latE!23%
Haha, okay, Joe. I'll be sure not to smoke 10 packs an hour. Can't promise I'll quit, however.
I smoked those for a little while. Splash is the best cloves, but that's just one EX-smokers opinion.
Yahhh, I saw those, too. I liked the aquarium look. Maybe I'll try those next time. :)
Sure you gots peeps!
<---Hollas :P
And I saw your next to newest DA post... I like. :)
And sheesh, you think it's hot there, yet you wanna go back to Texas... Damn, you're motivated. :P
Hehe, I know, right??? Hehehe.

Thanks for the "holla"!!!
Well, I've proven in a laboratory setting that:

Even in a cool room with a fan blowing. We're still hot together, so it doesnt matter where we are. We're just going to be hot.
Mmhmmm, so true. You scientist, you.